Conductors of Quality!

Since its inception, Child Care Junction has been committed to the highest level of child care and early education. Currently, we have obtained a “Four Star” Rating (out of five stars) on Iowa's Quality Rating System. Child Care Junction is diligent in its efforts to achieve excellence in its child-centered service, professional development, and its connection to families and the community.

A large part of our quality work has been focused on implementing a curriculum that is responsive to the needs of young children, particularly in the preschool years. Child Care Junction has chosen to implement Creative Curriculum (written by Dodge, Colker, and Heroman) in the preschool aged classrooms (children ages 3-5). As additional information becomes available on Creative Curriculum for infants/toddlers/twos, the curriculum will be fully implemented in those classrooms as well. Creative Curriculum involves offering children a positive learning environment arranged in interest areas (centers), helps teachers to implement developmentally appropriate practices, integrates content learning into everyday experiences, and allows for tracking of children's individual progress.

In addition to Creative Curriculum, we have chosen to implement tree special programs. Positive Behavior Supports and Second Step than encourages children's positive social-emotional development, and Handwriting Without Tears that uses multi sensory tools and strategies for the children to master handwriting. 

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