Child Care Junction prides itself on the mission to provide quality care with an educational curriculum, by early elementary educated staff at an affordable rate. Viability and sustainability are only possible when a careful balance of quality and affordability is obtained. Only through the dedication of Boone's community-wide financial entities is this balance possible.

Since July of 2007, we have been blessed to receive funds from the following:

The donations received from these funders have allowed us to have direct impact on the quality care and education given to the children in Boone County. We greatly appreciate their support!

Quality child care and early education services at an affordable rate for parents is challenging for most families in this economy. We find in a rural community, such as Boone, this is particularly difficult for a non-profit organization. We ask your continued help in holding true to our mission! All donations are tax-deductible.

In addition to financial giving, several community members and parents volunteer their time, for a three-year term, to comprise the Board of Directors for Child Care Junction. The current Board of Directors includes: Marissa Wolfman, Michelle Duncan, Sara Ihle, Jessica Krunckenberg, Haley Long, and Sarah Heineman